film is far from dead

And I am here to make sure of it! Although I did in fact grow up in the digital era, this past year I have been falling more and more in love with the magic of film photography and videography. Each film is unique, filled with raw emotions and beautiful memories the super 8 film is an incredible way to document the important moments in life and have the most beautiful and tangible keepsake for future generations.

The films are shot with a real vintage super 8 movie camera on Kodak film, the film rolls gets sent into a lab to be developed, scanned, and turned into a digital file through the sorcery of computers. There's no crazy equipments and tripods all over the place, simply me and the camera, documenting your day on it's raw and magnificent essence.

Bringing all the dreamy, romantic and nostalgic feels.

Prices starting at $350 (for wedding/engagement photography add-ons)


How long is the film?

You can pick between two options, 2-3 minutes (half day) or 5-6 minutes (full day).
This film contain highlights of your special day, it is going to be presented on a raw chronological collection of how the day went, so no crazy effects, slow motion or sped up scenes, just it's pure essence.

When will I get the film?

Film may take a little longer than your digital gallery because it is a whole process to send it to a lab, get it developed, scanned and turned into a digital file, with that being said I estimate around 8-12 weeks to delivery.

Does the film have audio (such as vows and speeches)?

Unfortunately our camera does not record audio, the film is edited and set to the perfect song. Our mission is to give you a film that feels like a vintage home movie, a timeless film that captures your day in a short, intimate, and impactful way.

How is the film delivered?

You will receive your video online through dropbox/YouTube link, you can download in high resolution and also share with your loved ones!

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