I'm a wedding photographer in the NE - available worldwide!-.

I'm 24yo and Brazilian 🇧🇷. I came to the US a few years ago on an interexchange, time passed by and I ended up getting married to the most amazing man in 2020. I like to think that one of the things that makes me stand out as a wedding photographer is the fact that I've been a bride myself, and I have learned a lot with my experience on the other side.

I love hiking and adventures, nature is my natural habitat and my biggest dream is to travel the world. I'm a hopeless romantic and I will probably shed a tear at every wedding I attend or photograph, so if you see me wipe a tear at your wedding no you didn't lol. I'm a dog mom and I love animals in general, my puppy means the world to me! I also want to mention I'm a total exclamation mark addict and also love using emojis to express myself, so just be aware you'll be seeing lots of it when we communicate, I like to put myself into my work and relationships and I want you to get to know the real me, the goofy, overly excited and extremely passionate me! Needless to say I love tattoos and piercings but I also do hate pain, and although I LOVE mountains and cliffs I am terrified of heights, I think the older I get the more I fear for my life because I swear I've never been scared of anything when I was a kid/teenager lol.

I found myself when I became a photographer, my whole life I wondered what the heck I would be in the future and I couldn't be happier to have found photography and to be able to work with something that makes me so satisfied and complete. Being a photographer wasn't my childhood dream, but I always knew that I would like to work with people and now I have the opportunity to document your love, happiness and special moments through my lenses and eternalize it... and that means the world to me!

The Team

In case you don't know yet my hubby is my second shooter for most of my weddings so if you're looking to book me for your big day you should get to know a little bit about him as well!

His name is Winchester (yes, like the gun or like the Winchester brothers, oh yeah like the Winchester Mystery House too lol). He does have a 9-5 job and works part time with ✨me✨, we can't wait to have him full time on this my side! He's the sweetest guy and incredibly patient, he's always down to any crazy requests and will get down on the dance floor with me 💃🏽🕺🏻.

While I work with the bride and bridesmaids he is responsible for the groom and groomsmen, he also gets THE BEST groom's reactions as the bride walks down the aisle!

✨your favorite wedding photography duo ✨

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